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Aqua Talent: Courtney Peldon - LA Theatrical

CESD: Carol Lynn Sher - LA Commercial/VO

I am a Sag-AFTRA eligible actress, singer, and dancer, with a BFA in Screen Acting from Chapman University/Dodge College. Originally from Toledo, Ohio, I found my passion for acting at the age of 6 years old.

I love anything that involves storytelling and art, to not only breathe life into the stories of those who feel they do not have a voice, but to also give someone a gut wrenching laugh.

I love the color pink, laughter, tears, and shrimp fried rice.....

Um shall I say more? or should I let you browse? If possible, have fun.  

Who Am I?

Check out my interview with New Scene Magazine!

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“Regina’s honesty on stage and screen makes her work seem effortless. Casting her is always a win!”

Nanci Ruby, Director of "The Wolves" |  OL Halsell Foundation

"Kind, intuitive, and incredibly talented—Regina Bryant is an actress I cannot recommend highly enough."

Morgan Davies, Director of Blackbird (2022) and Denial (2021)

"Regina Bryant brings the integrity of her point of view to each character she plays.  She explores the limits of her characters with fierce passion and clarity.  She courageously explores the deepest lows and the soaring highs of her characters while maintaining professional boundaries.  She is not high maintenance and she is not a diva.  She is funny, warm, professional, intelligent, and she consistently demonstrates commitment to a creative project.  If you are looking for a talented actor who carefully articulates her vision to be of service to support your production, cast Regina Bryant." 

Michael Nehring, Director of "Cabaret"| Musco Center for the Arts

“Emotionally available, Regina is as hard working and dedicated to her craft as anyone I have worked with in my 45 year career.  Her attention to detail and commitment to her art form are exceptional.”

Tom Bradac, Artistic Director/Founder of Shakespeare Orange County theatre |  "Othello" at Chapman University

FUN Facts


1) I have a birthmark in one of my eyes.. guess which one

​2) I say 'Pop' instead of 'Soda' because duh

3​) I am not a fan of water :/

4) I've watched "The Office" 17 times and counting